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Boohoo jacket, Big Star corduroy pants, Aeropostale sneakers, Free People thermal 

I might have said a few posts ago that winter had arrived, but now winter has actually arrived. The sun is deceiving, considering from the inside you might think it’s 80 degrees out with a burst of sunshine, until you walk outside and realize it’s -10 degrees with the same burst of sun. That means layers, layers, and more layers. I will forever thank (and semi- despise) the person who introduced me to Free People thermals. They have both saved my life and also murdered my bank account. Warmth > money. 

Since I began working with Boohoo, I’ve been experimenting with pieces from their ginormous collection. In the past, I’ve rocked several Boohoo Mens pieces, and this is my first venture into womenswear (woo!) This coat is under $60, so my first immediate thought is that this must be a jacket with crappy quality. I was presently surprised. I’m also surprised the jacket doesn’t retail for $150 +, that’s how rad it is! And warm! Boohoo, marry me? 


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