A Guide to the City of Dreams

New York is one of my favorite places on the Earth. The minute you walk out the doors of Grand Central and into the heart of Manhattan, there is a level of exhilaration and adrenaline that immediately pumps through your bloodstream, unlike any other place. Over the past few years, I’ve become quite accustomed to venturing around NYC on my own, finding little coffee shops hidden on side streets with the best almond milk cortado (thank you, New York, for also introducing me to a cortado), or late night karaoke joints that no one knows about unless you’re under 21. If you’re heading to NYC, or live there already and are looking to open a few new doors, here are the places I recommend for every level of boredom and budget, and thanks to Boohoo for partnering with me on this guide, which was inspired by their city guide. 


Y’all know how much I adore food. How much I adore food in New York is a different story. 

Bar Primi

I never used to like Italian food, until my best friend, who claims Italian to be his favorite food, starting eating more and more pesto pasta around me, and I finally found a true calling with that pesto pasta. Bar Primi has gluten-free options, is moderately affordable ($16 for a whole bowl of ricotta pasta, hello!) and has a trendy and classy atmosphere. 

I coin Bar Primi a date-night friendly restaurant. 

Two Hands

Ask any NYC gal you know what her restaurant of choice is for avocado toast and chai, and her answer will likely be Two Hands. Hidden on a side street on the Lower East Side, Two Hands has been coined the place for avocado toast with a fried egg, and has some of the best and richest banana bread I’ve ever tasted.

I coin Two Hands THE coffee shop of NYC.

Angelica Kitchen 

We all know what it’s like to have that one week of each month (usually the first week, for me) where we convince ourselves we can eat healthy for a straight 31 days. That is more like 3 days for me before I cave, but regardless, Angelica Kitchen is an NYC local hotspot for vegan cuisine. I went for dinner last night after an intense boxing workout, and demolished gluten-free vegan cornbread with miso tahini, soba noodles/tempeh/veggie bowl, and a carob tart. Who said veganism isn’t FUN!?

I coin Angelica Kitchen a vegan hotspot in NYC. 

For those casual “I’m bored” nights

Brooklyn Bridge

This summer, I had an apartment that was a few blocks away from the Brooklyn Bridge, so I spent many hours wandering over the bridge, taking a late-night run, or walking from Manhattan to Brooklyn for some insane pizza at Grimaldi’s. Whether you’re bored or looking to get in shape, the Brooklyn Bridge is where New York City is at. 

The View

Central Park

I had the chance to tour the Cosmopolitan offices at Hearst a few weeks ago, and had a discussion with one of the editors at how an impeccable view (like this one) makes work 10x better. I mean, can you imagine waking up and seeing this out of your office everyday?

If you don’t have the chance to be at Hearst, I HIGHLY recommend sneaking into a high rise building, finding a way into the elevator, and going to the penthouse floor, for a life changing view of all of Manhattan. This view changed my life. 

A Social Outing

Soho House

You may have heard of Soho House through the grapevine and a few hundred celebs, which is why this NYC gem is known as being a mecca for New York’s elite society. Gossip Girl, much? However, if you have the chance to get in to an event or party someone is having at Soho House, I definitely recommend gladly accepting that offer- you won’t regret it. The food is delicious, the crowd is swanky, and the cocktails are sexy.

I coin Soho House THE Girls Night Out spot. 

Get Primped


Most of us are too broke to drop major bucks on a blowout (not even a haircut!) or a day at the spa, which is why Rouge mixes both pamper and sophistication, with a strict budget. 

Ask for Taylor if you want my look below (or basically any other look in the book- Taylor is a wiz).

Where to Stay

McCarren Hotel, Brooklyn

I’m a Manhattan girl. Basically as Manhattan as a gal can possibly get, until yesterday, when I stayed over in Williamsburg at the McCarren Hotel and decided I may be moving to Brooklyn sooner than later. With insanely artsy decor, a bed that feels similar to what heaven must feel like, and fantastic service, McCarren is a Brooklyn hotspot. 

Get in Shape

Pure Yoga

When I’m traveling, I try to exercise as frequently as possible,  even when my schedule often doesn’t allow that (though, it’s the thought that counts!) If I’m lucky enough to have a few days at a time in NYC, you can find me at Pure Yoga on the Upper East Side. Though Pure is quite a trek from my average base which is a lot further than downtown, once you walk into Pure, you feel more like you’re walking into an oasis instead of a workout. 

New York City is full of adventure upon adventure, which means it’s time you get out and go to everywhere on my list + more!

Keep your eyes peeled for more work with Boohoo and I! 


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