Breakfast with Naturalizer at STLFW

Alive Magazine had us bloggers jam packed with events while we were in St.Louis, one being an early morning breakfast with Naturalizer at the Galleria. Many of you are likely aware of Naturalizer Shoes, probably through older family members (hello, mother) or grandparents. When I used to think of Naturalizer, I was thinking of comfortable running shoes and clogs- not exactly my clientele in the shoe department. Once we got the opportunity to pick our own pair of shoes, and try on some of Naturalizer’s top picks, I couldn’t help leaving the store without a major grin (and a new pair of sick boots). 


I didn’t have a chance to wear my boots in STL, but the minute I arrived back to CT I got down to business and have been wearing them EVERYWHERE. That means from coffee to a day out with friends, Naturalizer has me hooked. A few days ago, a group of my friends and I traveled down to Providence, RI to visit one of my other close friends attending college in RI, and we dined on some absolutely insane lasagna + pasta (which broke my bank account, though in my defense was totally worth it!) and wandered into a few shops. Another new addition to my growing wardrobe is these East and Lo pants, which have been getting a tiring wear in my closet (and I’ve only had them for a few weeks). Finding new denim that fits is quite a struggle for all girls, as I’ve previously outlined in prior posts, so when I found a brand that fit, I’m sticking with em. Denim at East and Lo is under $60, which is an affordable and insanely stylish find for all of your girls out there looking to expand your denim attire and not break the bank.

*raises hand*


P.S. How are y’all liking the new site so far!? 


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