Styled by Sam: The Good, and the Not So Good

I was on The T Friday afternoon, headed back to my dorm after a long shopping day on Newbury Street, and was so content with my purchases and the well-dressed men and women of Boston. Then I came across, well in the kindest of terms, a not-so-well-dressed young woman and, it is, because of this young woman that I was inspired to share my fashion Dos and Don’ts with you lovely people! Before continuing, please understand that these are simply my own opinions and do not stand true for every other person on this planet. I have a real personal issue with even the sight of Crocs but some people don’t think they’re that disgraceful– and that’s totally cool by me! Again, simply stating my opinion here.

DON’T pair your workout clothes with 18 Alex and Ani bracelets. Yes, jewelry is fabulous and I love me some Alex and Ani’s, though I believe it’s best to save them for after the gym. Who wants sweaty gems anyway?

DO accessorize with a cute headband. If you feel your workout clothes are in desperate need of accessorizing, then a headband should be your go-to. An adorable headband will get those stubborn baby hairs out of your face and keep you looking somewhat cute after that hour-long spin class.


We love Twistband and Victoria Secret Sport!

DON’T wear just one shade of denim when paring a denim-on-denim outfit. I can’t help but think of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake when I see girls and guys wear a matching denim ensemble (and that’s just one look that should never return.)

DO wear denim-on-denim in two different shades. The key here is two denim pieces that are at least a couple shades lighter/darker than each other. I was once too scared of looking like a denim blob to wear denim-on-denim but in using this method now love rocking this edgy look.

DON’T wear your holiday-themed pajamas in public places. As a college student, wearing your PJs to class can be very (VERY) tempting, but as a child my mother engraved into my brain that my footsie pajamas are for the bedroom only *sigh*.

DO dress comfy. I do not believe that good style should be even the slightest bit uncomfortable. This is where textiles come into play – simply throw on a pair of silky harem pants, which are the best things since sliced bread. Harem pants are basically PJs but way more socially acceptable, allowing you to suffer through class comfortably.

Have a lovely week little fashionistas – and try to keep those Don’ts to a minimum!

Samantha (see my blog here

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