Standing in the Middle

Asos heels, Aeropostale denim, Zara top, Susanna Galanis necklace, Etienne Aigner clutch.

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In life, I’m realizing there are going to be many times you will be faced with standing in the middle. Whether it’s a divorce, a feud between your two best friends, or between two teachers who hate you equally as much *raises hand* it’s an inevitable occurrence. One of the reasons I began speaking out so frequently on body image and teen girls is because I realized there is a desperate need for someone to fill the space and openly do so, which is what I am trying my absolute hardest to fulfill. I constantly face images with my own body, and scrutiny through the media as well as my own family, some days are worse than others, but the only way I can truly overcome this form of insecurity is to accept it, and accept who I am. 

Right now, I’m working on a few projects to start spreading the topic of body image throughout schools and institutions in the U.S. where teens are suffering from disorders and a body image battle. High schools are my target area, for one because I once was an insecure girl attending a local public high school (weird, right? lil ole’ me) and was in the eye of the hurricane in terms of witnessing the high and low points of what goes on in schools in terms of bodies and image. I’d love your feedback on the conversation of schools/body image- what have you witnessed, and what do you believe needs to be done to fix the scrutiny and underlying issues that comes from being in a school environment?

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