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Ricotta and beet toast at Charlie Bird! 

One of the most exciting parts of my career is getting to travel to new places (hello, I leave for St. Louis next week!) and stay in the trendiest, and sickest hotels. The Broome Hotel in NYC recently invited me to stay over at their boutique hotel in Soho, and I couldn’t say no. After researching online about the intimacy and trendiness of this property, every screamed “say yes” which I surely did.

Upon arriving to the Broome, I realized how small the property is. When they mean boutique, they seriously mean boutique. This place doesn’t even have 26 rooms! Different from other hotels you’ve probably stayed at, like the Marriott or Hilton, the Broome offers a selective crew of staff to make your stay top notch, and don’t expect to ever be ignored at the front desk or have to cry for attention from a staff member. Even better, is the little gift shop inside the hotel, something I’ve never witnessed at any hotel, but definitely won’t forget about.

I brought my best friend down for his birthday a few weekends ago, and we stayed up all night sitting and overlooking the Broome’s beautiful patio and NYC getaway. If you’re looking to get Italy in New York, this is it. I couldn’t forget to tell you about the absolutely phenomenal breakfast offered every morning either: almond milk lattes, croissants and scones, gluten-free smoked salmon toast, and fresh yogurt and granola, which makes this the best hotel breakfast I’ve ever head. Goodbye Kellogg’s, hello Broome.


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