Friday, November 29, 2013

All About Dat Food

Fresh salmon with veggies. 

Turkish form of candy on a stick. 

Apple tea (which is basically apple juice.) 

The most incredible nuts and fresh fruit were everywhere you look: I bought home a years worth of medjool dates! 


Chicken kebabs with pita, rice and fries (average tourist food.) 

Turkish tea. 

An array of delicious carbs at my hotel breakfast. The Turkish bagel ring is the best. 


Incredible dinner at a restaurant called Parle in a huge mall similar to 5th Avenue. This was a molten lava type cake. 

Prawns on top of grilled potato.

What is the part I enjoy most about traveling? The food. Meeting people and living in hotels is quite lovely, but there is nothing as great as immersing yourself in a cultures food. Turkey has a similar diet to the one I follow at home (not heavy on carbs and more about fresh fish, meats, veggies, and nuts) so it's practically paleo! The desserts are definitely from another world: some of the flakiest and most buttery baklava I've ever tasted, Turkish coffee stronger than Starbucks (and I mean stronnnnggg) and some bangin' yogurt. My most highlighted experience with food was stopping at a rest stop and having greek yogurt with poppyseed and honey. Simple but oh so delicious. Plus how fun is the guy that served it!?

Hope your Thanksgiving was incredible!

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  1. Wow, all of this food looks delicious, and incredibly fresh! The yogurt looks great! :)


  2. Oh wow everything looks so so delicious!! Lucky you <3

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