Thursday, February 9, 2012

FW diaries: Part 1

I was wearing:

Free People cape
Vintage blouse, red velvet jacket and hat
Essie "First Love" polish
JewelMint, Patricia Field and other assorted jewelry
GUESS heels (similar here)
Paige Denim pants
Melie Bianco bag (similar here)

The post that was supposed to be up this AM didn't get posted since my wifi was down again! I can't even begin to explain how incredible my day was. BCBGMAXAZRIA was such a fab show, and everything and everyone just looked stunning. For my first time at NYFW, I think I did pretty good! First off, the clothes at the show were phenomenal. Lots of light colors and pastels, and tons and tons of color blocking was seen. Pieces with high collars and super low v-necks were spotted walking the runway. Lots of light blues gracefully fell on all the models bodies. I got lucky because where I was seated I could see the models right before they were about to walk on stage which was so neat. Of course, I stopped for warm apple cider and a gluten-free cupcake at my fave bakery, Magnolia's to end my day on a perfect note. 

For my outfit: I wore my new Free People cape, vintage hat, jacket and blouse, GUESS heels and Paige black cargo pants. My jewelry was assorted JewelMint, Patricia Field, and random stuff stolen from my moms jewelry draw ;) To complete my look I paired my Melie Bianco looking briefcase bag with the ensemble. To make my day even better, two amazing things happened:

1. I got snapped by almost 12 street style photographers which was absolutely AMAZING! That was my first time experiencing street style, and it was the best experience of my life. If you see me on any blogs/websites, please let me know as I would love to see who the people taking pictures were/ where my photos are posted.

2. I met Natalie from Natalie Off Duty and Bonnie from Flashes of Style! I was standing in front of both of them for almost 5 minutes and then I tweeted about how freaked I was but knew I had to say hello! They were both super nice and genuinely chic people, of course! Also spotted: Man Repeller (AH!), Maria Menounos, Dani Stahl, Marie Claire accessories director, Jessica White, Erica Dasher from the new ABC Family design show, Giada De Laurentiis and tons more! 

Overall, my day was simply incredible. I'm back on Saturday for round 2, and I can't wait!! 

P.S. More in depth posts of the shows are coming up this week. I got home pretty late and I am so excited and happy about my day I can't even keep my fingers in control of everything I want to say hehe! 

P.P.S. If any of you are in the city Saturday for Fashion Week I would love to meet you! Just leave a comment on this post/tweet or email me!

Please vote for me here to be a Style Blogger on Refinery 29! Just scroll down about halfway down the page and find me! It would mean the world!





  1. Love it!
    xx M.E.

  2. wow! thats so cool! I have never been to NYC- being photographed by 12 people must have made you feel so pretty and fashionable!!!! AAAH! ^_^ so exciting to read! I'll vote too ^_^ Hope to see you at my blog soon!

    God bless always

  3. Wow,TWELVE street style photographers? Makes sense, your outfit was definitely worth it. But wow, I was just experiencing it all vicariously through what you wrote and it seems great!


  4. so awesome, great photos!

  5. So jealous!! We just stumbled upon your blog and we are OBSCESSED! We are just starting blogging & it would mean so much if you came to check it out. We would love your feedback :)

  6. AHHH! I hope you had fun! That must have been a great show. Your outfit is perfection. I am in love with the top and shoes. All of the colours are wonderful! You are definitely worthy of street style! What a lucky girl!

  7. OMG! I wish I was there with you!!! <3 Your day sounds amazing! I can't believe you got to meet Natalie and Bonnie! So jealous!!!
    Can't wait for more NYFW posts!

  8. Sweet, you look so great !!! I adore your shoes!! I wish I could be there, can't wait for next post.

  9. OMG how incredible! I LOVE Natalie Suarez, I'm suuch a huge fan! There's a new post up on my blog, so feel free to stop by!
    xoxo, Veena
    Twitter: @VeenaMcCoole

  10. What, what a great day you had! Your outfit totally deserves to be snapped :) So glad you enjoyed it!


  11. wow! talk about best day ever! can't believe you met Natalie. how'd you get the opportunity ?

  12. So cool that you went to that show!
    And you look great :)


  13. Wow what a great experience!!
    You look incredible! I absolutely adore your outfit!
    Great post, as always :)

  14. lovely cape, looks like you had a fantastic time!

  15. Okay, I admit it: I was totally stalking your tweets when you were at BCBG's show at NYFW. You are SO LUCKY!! =) It looks like you had such a wonderful time... it must be a great experience to see a runway show in person, rather then by photors or YouTube (*ahem* me... hehe). I absolutely adore your outfit... the Free People cape is my favorite! No wonder you got snapped by 12 streetstyle photographers... =) That's amazing! I would have probably been starstruck and speechless if I met Natalie, Bonnie and of course.. Giada de Laurentiis (haha!)


  16. You probably had such a great day!You are so lucky you got to go to BCBG'S show! How exciting you got to meet Natalie & Bonnie! And you look great! Love your cape and the heels!

    xoxo, Laura

  17. Lovely photos! Great outfit too - love the cape! :)

  18. Great pictures, I hope you had fun :)

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  19. Fabulous i´ll be back soon.

  20. Wow!! Sounds like you had a fab time at the show! So jealous you got to meet those amazing bloggers! How in the world were you able to go?!!? I must know!


  21. wow you,natalie and bonnie look so cute!!!!!!!!u must had a great time!


  22. you are absolutely adorable, and have a great sense of style for ANYONE let alone someone so young. i envy you! you are definitely going places. im hooked!


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