Monday, July 28, 2014

A Stop Along the Way: Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe

An ordered and simple brunch menu, with a simple layout. 

Quinoa + egg, avocado toast, buckwheat banana bread. 

Beginning A Stop Along the Way was an exciting area for me to venture into. Of course, I love food, but this segment reaches far beyond the moment of food entering my mouth and my taste buds deciding whether they are pleased, or not so pleased. A Stop Along the Way has allowed me to venture to new places, to meet new people, and try a world of undercover and unexpected cuisine. Dad, none of this food compares to your meat and potatoes diet, I promise. Much of my job entails meeting new people and forming new relationships, which is something I take such an unreal amount of pride in, and is also where 99.9% of all my connections have formed from (remember, I started from the bottom *Drake* but I really did). 

Fast forward now to my latest segment on ASATW, at Bluestone Lane Collective Cafe, originally discovered by the fantastic Becky who was as dumbfounded as me to find a restaurant moderately unknown online, yet so known via Instagram. Shows what the world of technology can do for ya. Something as discreetly famous via pictures geotagged to a Greenwich Village location had to be as good as people were saying Bluestone was, right? 

Upon entering Bluestone, you are greeted by some really fucking beautiful people. Like when I say beautiful, these people make you realize how not beautiful you are. The front of Bluestone is tiny, though beautiful and open, with bursts of sunlight shining through. Your waiter will be Australian, more beautiful than you, and will greet you with a wide smile and that damn Australian accent that always gets me. Consider the crowd cool yet chic, looking to get a bowl of quinoa with smoked salmon, or some indulgent folks looking to get out of the overpriced quinoa realm of this century and on to some of Bluestone's famous additions: corn fritters, buckwheat banana bread, and granola with yogurt. Most stop in on their way to work, looking for coffee and a pastry to take on the run. 

We sat outside, after being led through another seating area to a stunning and open patio. Again, small, yet cozy. More beautiful people sit next to you on your right and left (really not helping the self esteem here, Bluestone) and bond over a mutual adoration of the outdoors and healthy food. 

What I recommend: 

Iced chai was fantastic. Sweetened with honey (I could tell) and they recommend making with soy milk instead of almond, so I wouldn't go trying to be 3x trendier here and order almond milk. Let them do their thang. 

Becky really wanted the morning bowl (of quinoa) which she loved, I didn't love so much, not a huge quinoa person and would have liked double the smoked salmon to contrast with the egg. I'll leave Becky to her quinoa now. 

Bluestone is famous for their fritters/avocado toast/granola, so we had to order all three. I never thought granola and yogurt would have me wanting to venture to the village, but that granola was perfectly sweet and crunchy with a flavorful contrast to the tart yogurt. Unreal compared to my boring granola with almond milk breakfast!

Avocado toast was decent, very much avocado toast (aka there wasn't anything making it super stand out, but I liked the hard, crusty bread which I've never seen used before) and the corn fritter was very unusual. 

This isn't your average fried and fatty corn fritter, it's more like a corn pancake, meaning don't steer clear of this item from the menu in the fret that you will have to go to Soul Cycle TWICE that day to burn off a fried masterpiece (this is a joke, are people really that wealthy???) It's a light corn pancake, filled with batter and corn, topped with beets and prosciutto. I liked it. I like anything with prosciutto. 

We ended with the buckwheat banana bread with ricotta, honey, and bee pollen. Banana bread is an item on any menu that I will automatically be attracted to, screw the quinoa and healthy food, give me the moist, fluffy, banana filled bread! Bluestone does an usual spin on their bread, topping it with ricotta (could/ still could eat a plate of ricotta with honey) and putting bee pollen on it for an added dose of health. I do wish the bread had been a bit more banana tasting and less buckwheat, though buckwheat is a tough grain to work with, so props on getting any sort of banana taste out of this bread. This is a healthy way to indulge in your bread craving. 

Head to Bluestone for light, affordable, organic food from your favorite Australian servers, and some pretty fantastic pictures of food, just make sure to sit on the patio to get the true Bluestone vibe!

Miss Fashionista

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Street Art

Cooling off with a vegan soft serve sundae from Chloe's 

*I whip my hair back and forth* 

Boohoo top//Aldo shoes//Nordstrom BP skirt//Michael Kors watch// Graf & Lantz clutch//Carolee necklace

New York weather is bipolar. Remind me why I'm not on a beach in Mexico drinking out of a coconut in a country with more stable weather? Dressing for work and events isn't an easy task when one minute the sky is a burst of sunshine and then next minute clouds are hovering and rain starts pouring. I worked from home yesterday instead of going into the office, and had quite the relaxing day filled with a few naps, an afternoon gluten-free brownie session in the kitchen, and a rad evening with my best friend at Subculture Dining. A post is coming up in the future about this incredible event, hosted by Russell Jackson of Food Network Star (coolest dude ever!) but the directions said to dress "cool and fashionable" which made me throw on this trendy look. 

I'm not one to rock jerseys and support major teams since sports really aren't my thang, though this *mens* Boohoo top had been calling my name for a while, and it finally became time to find the right attire to pair it with. Something about my purple hair made a fiery red even more edgy and unusual, which is why I couldn't resist wearing a shirt with the word "Chicago" on the back. 

Miss Fashionista

Monday, July 21, 2014

Paleo Simplicity

I really like pancakes. Like really really like pancakes. Enough that I could eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and probably still crave them for dessert. I've posted pancakes on my blog before, but on a recent trip home this weekend, I couldn't help but try out a new recipe and am dying to show you guys!

Going home becomes somewhat sacred since I'm mostly residing in NYC for this summer, so when I'm home, it's all about being with my parents and friends. On Friday, my best friend and I went to a Justin Timberlake concert and stayed over at an incredible hotel right on the water (future post coming up about this), and that was exactly the little break needed to keep my mind off of work for 24 hours. 

One of the downsides to living in a city is very small living quarters, aka no Paula Deen kitchen here. Not that my house at home has anything similar in comparison to a Food Network kitchen, but it's definitely got enough room for me to both sear my chicken in a pan as well as open the fridge and get butter at the same time. In life, you make sacrifices to get to where you want to be. One of mine happens to be living in NYC in return for not getting butter as I attempt to sear chicken. Maybe this is a good thing…

Paleo, gluten-free, grain-free and dairy-free pancakes, serves 3
(or if I'm at breakfast with you than 2) 

2 eggs
1 cup almond flour
1 tbsp maple syrup 
1/4 cup almond milk
Dash of salt/cinnamon/vanilla
optional: blueberries/chocolate chips 

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, making sure to break the egg yolks. Wait 2 minutes (batter will be a little runny). If batter is still really runny, add 1 tbsp. more almond flour. 

Heat your skillet to medium heat and add 1 tbsp. grass-fed butter, coconut oil, coconut butter etc. Take 1/4 cup of batter and put in pan for about 3 minutes on each side.

Top with more butter (i love butter!), fruit, nuts, whipped cream, or chocolate. 


Miss Fashionista

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Why So Serious

Interesting note: my dress + blazer are from the mens section. Would you rock mens clothing?

Soho House for the Kitsune Bastille Day Party 

Oscar and Anna clutch//Susanna Galanis necklace// Boohoo Mens dress + blazer// G by GUESS heels// Michael Kors watch

There is something very funny about an industry that flourishes on beautiful clothing, crazy shoes and exaggerated colors of lipstick. To start from the beginning, when I began this blog at 12 years old, I didn't expect to make it a career. I was an innocent, sheltered kid who had no idea that Uggs are not suitable forms of clothing when paired with a skirt and sweater. Now that this has become my career, fashion is something that I live and breath 24/7. The people in my life (my friends and family) know that my work is a part of me. It is also something that borders a fine line between my personal life (yes, I have one of those!) and work life. 

Since I've been working for Guest of a Guest this summer, there have been millions of events every week that I've had the opportunity to attend. From magazine parties to art gallery openings, each one is unique and interesting…a part of my job that never gets old is meeting people and networking, something that is and always has been very important since I didn't come from a line of contacts and magazine editor aunts and uncles. 

Short story short, I've never been one to take life too seriously. You only live once, why spend it the boring way? Don't be the one at an art gallery opening who is sipping wine and talking about finance. Be the one who shows up, grabs the wine, and socializes with people who don't talk about finance. Be the one who shows up, grabs the wine, and doesn't talk about finance. 

Disclaimer: Art gallery openings happen to be filled with less 16 year olds and more Wall Street guys who talk an obnoxious amount about finance (I really hate finance). Avoid these at all costs. 

Miss Fashionista

Monday, July 14, 2014


My beautiful view from a rad Bollywood inspired dance class I took a on Saturday morning in Midtown! If you haven't tried a dance workout, you're missing out. 

Brunch at The Smile was a buckwheat waffle with blueberry syrup, orange peels and lots of maple syrup!

Wearing Anthropologie shorts//Dolce Vita wedges//Rebecca Minkoff bag//Boohoo sunglasses//Kensie necklace + assorted jewelry 

Mondays are not the best day of the week. Why can't every Monday be a Saturday? I'm writing to you from Starbucks since I got out of work early due to a major wifi crisis in the office- the funny thing about this industry is how much people rely on wireless connections/cell phone calls and Instagram. Imagine a world without wifi and Twitter. Would that even be a world? I'm not complaining though- that means an afternoon spent on coffee, a turkey sandwich, and people watching. 

My good friend came to stay with me this past weekend, which was much needed after a long work week. I've been quite busy attending events for Guest of a Guest, and working for a jewelry designer a few days a week on the UWS. We hit up Umami burger (check out my last post!) and went out for a major girls night. Sometimes, all you need after a few awful past dates (boys suck) is your girlfriends. 

Coming from such a small town that falls asleep at 8 PM religiously every night is such a huge change from a big city. You can get pizza at 3 AM here (tried this for the first time the other day after a failed club attempt- pizza never disappoints) AND there was a line. At 3 AM! That is what I adore most about this city, for one, you're never judged because there will always be someone weirder than you as well as someone who has their shit together a lot more than you, and either types of people are anticipated and expected. All you can do is smile, and maybe laugh a bit too.

Miss Fashionista

Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Stop Along the Way: Umami Burger

Dip yo fries in the two white dips above (the orange one will make you cry it's that spicy) because Umami is known for having quality sauces you can eat with everything on the menu (just probably not a chocolate chip cookie sandwich…)

Not a burger person? Don't make up your mind too quickly until you've taken a trip to Umami Burger. Originally hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Umami has expanded across the globe, with its first NYC store opening in the past year. I expected a cramped, overpriced burger joint with average burgers, and was pleasantly surprised. Upon walking into Umami, you are greeted by some of the kindest and quality waiters and staff who make your visit worth every minute. Around 8 PM, you can expect a wait time of 10-15 minutes, depending on the business, with people crowding in and out until the restaurant gets quieter around 10:30 PM.

Umami has an extensive menu. Similar to the concept of Bareburger, Umami has a limited selection of burgers and doesn't accept substations. Basically, Umami knows what's up, and you can't debate with what they consider a burger to taste like. Medium-rare is recommended for every option. Every few weeks, the joint introduces a special new limited burger, and of course, we couldn't resist anything that is only on the menu for a set amount of time. 

I began with the arugula/beet/goat cheese salad, which was average, nothing too special and nothing super bland. More beets and goat cheese would have been knocked it out of the park, though I'm not complaining. Truffle fries are an Umami staple (as well as burgers covered in truffle) and they have several variations of truffle fries on the menu. I wasn't super impressed with the french fries- a little too much cheese and a little too much truffle, which was disappointing since I really did look forward to getting a rich, truffle taste. 

Ok, so salad and french fries weren't making my mouth salivate (it's a burger restaurant, what burger joint needs to make a kick ass salad?) burgers on the other hand? Out of the fricken box. The manager recommended we try 4 different burgers (4 burgers- 2 girls!!!!) so we went with the truffle burger, the truffle burger with a fried egg, the duck burger, and the short rib burger. Shake shack, I have found a new boyfriend. We couldn't get over the perfectly moist and chewy burger, especially paired with a truffle sauce and crispy arugula. Originally hesitant to try duck since I have a no duck and lamb rule (creeps me out slightly) I went for the kill, and duck has to be one of my new favorite foods. Even if you're not eating the bun (for those on a healthy lifestyle kick, opt for a burger wrapped in lettuce, but you won't get the same sensation) Umami knows how to make their burger worth every bite. 

We ended up with nutella and chocolate chip/white raspberry sugar cookie ice cream sandwiches, which were pretty basic but tasty. For someone who loves anything glazed, fried, or dipped in chocolate, I have to say how much I enjoyed eating the burgers over dessert, which is quite unusual for me. I was still picking at my burger with a chocolate chip cookie sandwich in front of me- what is this madness!? 

Overall, Umami knows what is up. I spent 2 hours on a  Friday night at a burger restaurant, and who says they do that and enjoy every minute? 

Miss Fashionista

Monday, July 7, 2014

Guide to Summer Blazers


Equipment BLAZER//Converse sneakers//Ray-Bans//Chicnova dress

This Equipment blazer is on the pricier side (opt for lower-end ones at Nordstrom BP, Francesca's, Forever 21) and works perfectly paired next to affordable items. Summer style is all about mixing new trends, and I love a preppy jacket with a pair of quaint Converse and a pretty white dress. Who said you couldn't be pretty and bold? 

Untitled #93

BANANA REPUBLIC blazer//Romwe skirt//Delia's top//Modcloth heel//GUESS clutch//ASOS bracelet

For those looking for work ready attire, invest in a black blazer. This one from Banana Republic is under $150, and will remain in your closet for season after season. The best part about blazers is they never go out of style, so splurging on it won't hurt your wallet. A sporty clutch and sexy pair of stilettos is a mix between fancy AND sporty, showing you're not afraid to take risks and give people a reason to talk about your outfit. Don't be the girl who leaves people with nothing to say. 

You know how much my closest is maven for mixing high and low end pieces. On a teen budget, I'm not looking for a $1700 Gucci blazer (though will never say no to a gift…) but instead an affordable, investment piece that will grow with me as my closet grows. Every time you're looking to drop a few extra dollars on a piece that you wouldn't usually find yourself spending money on (a great fitted blazer, or a pair of denim) take a minute and think: how will this piece make my closet stronger, or make me feel more confident? $100 for a blazer might seem out of reach, but I guarantee once you find a piece that can accomplish everything above, you won't regret it. 

Miss Fashionista
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