Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Holiday Style: Bright Colors

Untitled #84

Untitled #84 by alifeinthefashionlane featuring special occasion shoes

Dress: Similar here
Earrings: Similar here
Heels: Similar here
Bag: Michael Kors 

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I don't have much family in close proximity to where I live, so holidays are often spent cooking (in my PJS) in my kitchen. Fashun! For those of you lucky enough to be celebrating Easter/Passover this week with huge celebrations, these two outfit ideas are great choices for even the pickiest grandmother around. I'm a huge fan of the color yellow, since sunshine is much anticipated around this time of year. Pair a simple dress (no need for any extra necklace here due to the collar) with a chic satchel and simple heels, and be off on any outing. 

Untitled #85

Untitled #85 by alifeinthefashionlane featuring chanel purses

Bag: Chanel
Ring: Similar here
Heels: Similar here
Sunglasses: Similar here 
Cropped top: Similar here
Pants: Similar here 

I was in NYC over the weekend, and stopped in to Bloomingdales for some major retail therapy and to take advantage of the summer sales. I was especially impressed with the latest GUESS collection, which is where I got the idea for the black + white striped pants and cropped top. This look is sexy yet professional and chic. What are your thoughts on the blank pants with white stripes on the side? Tons of celebrities have been caught wearing them, and I'm beginning to catch on to the trend. Opt for a bright colored heel (think yellow, pink or red) and a few statement jewelry pieces if you're going with a basic color for the majority of an outfit. 

Have a great holiday this week no matter what you're celebrating! And eat lots! 

Miss Fashionista

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Walk on the Bright Side

KING'S OF COLE sweater//LAUREN CONRAD for Kohl's denim//REBECCA MINKOFF bag//RUMBATIME watch//VINTAGE necklace//SUPERGA sneakers 

Gooood morning Monday! Sorry for the short hiatus- I was in NYC for the weekend with my mom doing a few exciting activities and catching up with a few friends from out of town who were in NY for the weekend. I've completely grown out of all my clothing (I hate being a teenager) and have been frantically shopping over the past few weeks trying to find new denim, dresses, tops, skirts etc that aren't 7 sizes too small on me. I'm not a huge fan of Kohl's, but the Lauren Conrad and Rock & Republic lines are definite reasons why I make Kohl's a go-to store for necessities. I love these Lauren Conrad boyfriend jeans that fit me perfectly! Kohl's is known for having rad discounts every season too, and when I know I need a specific item (like denim) I'll google "Kohl's coupons" so I'm always getting a great deal.

In other fashion news: Alexander Wang just released news he is collaborating with H&M for a collection!? Hallelujah! Praise the fashion Gods! Expect a post this week with what we should expect from the collaboration ;) 

Miss Fashionista

Thursday, April 10, 2014



There is not one person more excited for this weather than myself, I guarantee you. I even put the title to this post as "SUN" in anticipation for the warm weather that is making its way to the East Coast. After months of snowstorms, treacherous winter winter, and bundling up in 10 layers, I can finally walk outside with a little sweater and capris on and not freeze to death. That means the winter clothes are out, and the spring florals are back in. 

Yesterday was a beautiful, bright and sunny day, one of those days that makes you actually think there may be some hope left in the world! The only downside about online school is most of my time is spent inside of my house, so yesterday my mom and I ventured out for a little retail shopping and photo scouting locations. We came across this vintage looking house on a main road, and I had to stop and take pictures. This location was too priceless not to. Consider the house a mix between a Cracker Barrell and old country farm. After taking a few pictures outside, the owner must have noticed two random people were in his lawn and decided to come over and chat with us. He told us how the place hasn't been open for 20 years, but his original hope was to make it a country style restaurant. He's planning on selling it now, since the economy has changed so much. 

Even though my entire conversation with the owner didn't relate anything to my pictures/fashion, I realized how important it is to get out in the world, chat to everyone you can, make friends with your neighbors, and especially make a difference. Sometimes getting surprised by making a new friend or learning some history (even though history makes me want to run in front of a car) isn't such a bad thing. 

Happy Thursday :) 

Miss Fashionista

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Prom 2014 with Cache

prom 2014

With prom approaching, I'm beginning to get my options organized for attire. Every year, girls across the country look forward to the moment where we have an excuse to dress up in our most ball like attire, and head to a memorable high school experience. Since I do online school now, prom this year will be a bit different, and I'm hoping to attend with one of my girl friends, since I'm not exactly a boy magnet ;) 

I can't be more satisfied and excited about the options Caché  has. Whether you're a major girly girl (like me) and looking for a glitzy and bedazzled dress, or you're looking for something more subtle and monotone, Caché  offers something for every princess. My favorite part of searching on the website was having the chance to explore the vast amount of different dresses Caché supplies. Most brands have a few key prom dresses, but most don't have a selection bigger than the size of my closet!

I designed an outfit above using a similar dress from the Caché  lookbook. This is a great option for the fashionable girl who is looking for a simple and basic look (even though nothing with Caché  is basic). The clutch can be found at affordable stores like Forever 21 and Lulu's, while the sexy stiletto can be purchased at your local Macy's or Nordstrom, even a thrift store will have a pair of heels! 

If you're the fashionista on a budget (who isn't nowadays) Caché is your prom hotspot. 

Miss Fashionista

Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Stop Along the Way: Nizza, NYC

We began with an option from our great server of bread or "carrot cake" muffins, but of course, decided on both. The muffins are actually one of the best foods I've ever eaten. They came warm out of the oven, were moist and perfectly sweet, with an incredible contrast of a fruit jelly. Plus, tiny foods are just so much more fun to eat. We got about 7 or 8, which was a perfect amount for the amount of people at the table. 

The restaurant (which is moderately sized, on a weekend around brunch time was ridiculously packed and a little too tiny for my liking) is trendy with an old Italian inspired layout. A huge bar contrasted with beautiful photographs on the simple walls and classic wooden tables almost made me feel like I was in Italy!

Since Nizza is known for their gluten-free selection, I tried some of their GF bread with olive oil to begin. The people I was dining with actually preferred my GF bread to their regular dinner bread, that is how tasty the bread is. For gluten-free bread, Nizza knows how to get moist with perfectly flaky and crisp crust done right.

I opted for the gluten-free gnocchi instead of pizza (even though their pizza selection is extensive) since I've never had gluten-free gnocchi, and it's definitely one of the foods I miss most with my allergy. Again, Nizza impressed me to the 10. Along with coming out piping hot with oozy, gooey cheese everywhere, the gnocchi melted in my mouth. I've never had such incredible gluten-free pasta. To be quite honest, the GF version is probably better than the regular version. Consider me hooked. Imagine an explosion of buttery and cheesy goodness in your mouth. 

Nizza has an extensive selection of pizza (both GF and not GF) to choose from. This was the classic mozzarella, tomato sauce and basil pizza on a regular crust. It was reminiscent of many other pizzas I've had, so nothing too special here, but still tasty. Next time I will definitely try one of their more unique pizza options (prosciutto, anyone?) Apparently,  real Italian restaurants don't melt the cheese across the entire pizza, so I only got the mozzarella taste in a few bites. I would prefer to have mozzarella melted a little more evenly, but we can blame America for a mixed perception of pizza! 

This is the ricotta and greens ravioli, which was interesting, to say the least. One thing Nizza does right is a very vast and unique amount of options on their extensive menu. The taste of this wasn't as prominent and rich as my gnocchi, but I definitely enjoyed the cheesy middle of the ravioli. 

Check out Nizza for both gluten-free and regular options at 630 9th Avenue. You won't be disappointed. 

Miss Fashionista

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

On the Street

Getting my makeup done at Space. NK

Posing with the biggest egg at Harrods! 

Wearing Aeropostale sneakers//H&M scarf//Rag and Bone pants//Sienna Ray bag//Vintage shirt//Jack BB Dakota jacket// DKNY vest

It is finally Wednesday- holla! Middle of the week means only a few days left until the weekend. I'm back in CT after an eventful week with my best friends- so lucky to have such incredible and supportive people in my life. That is really what life comes down to.

Since my SD card completely fudged up and I lost the majority of my London outfit pics, I have these ones I took on my phone after a day of shows by Somerset House. The Tata Naka presentation had to have been one of my favorites. Although not as enthralled by the clothing (wouldn't consider many of it my style due to blander and more monotone colors, but the tailoring and set up was excellent) Tata Naka managed to be one of the many presentations that had me questioning the aesthetic and designer after leaving. Plus, the pictures came out FANTASTIC because of the contrast between the background and the carpet. Though slightly exaggerated and mind boggling to the eye, the models looked fantastic and very earthy. They blended right into the intricate background.

Due to another rainy London day, I stuck with layers and layers of clothing. Who knew 2 leather pieces on top of each other could actually be better than 1? Fashion surprises me every day! 

P.S. I'm in the market to buy business cards right now, and the only site I came across was Moo. Know any other sites?  

Miss Fashionista

Monday, March 31, 2014

Spin for Safety Charity Event: Autism Speaks

I was invited by Autism Speaks to attend a charity spinning ride at Swerve Fitness in the recent tragedy of Avonte Oquendo, the young NYC raised autistic boy that wandered off and was recently found. This personally affected me because every time I rode the subway over the past few months, I kept seeing the "missing person" flier up at every stop, and when I heard the outcome, my heart sunk. It's such an unfortunate thing when a young child loses their life abruptly, and for a very common cause. 

I traveled to Swerve Fitness on West 18th street (close to Union Square) to raise awareness for autism, and spin for a great cause. I've never been to Swerve (call me a SoulCycleaholic) but the ride was interesting. Similar to other spin classes, Swerve uses upbeat music and an enthusiastic trainer to lead the read. The (small) studio has scoreboards on the ceiling in a "competition" type format, so the people you're riding with  can team up against each other and get the best score. Plus, Swerve has a very unique addition that SoulCyle doesn't have, which is calculators to show the time, miles ridden, and RPM on the bike during your ride. 

"all proceeds from the event will go to Autism Speaks for their sponsorship of the National Autism Association's "Big Red Safety Box" initiative. Your dollars went toward providing door and window alarms, safety alert wristbands, personal ID cards, and stop sign visual prompts for the 50 percent of autistic children who are at risk of wandering off... many of whom are unable to sense danger or communicate verbally."

As of today, we have raised $7,346.00 for Autism. How amazing is that!?!?!?! 

My riding time was 4:15, but there were a few riding sessions earlier, so the studio was packed. 

Whether you were hungry before or after class, a local food caterer had a huge selection of healthy, light and fresh food to munch on. I had a delicious kale and quinoa salad, the inside of the chicken sandwich (I can't eat the bread) and tons of fresh fruit. 

Inside of the Swerve fitness studio 

The most delicious juice from Liquiteria after my event! Liquiteria was the perfect company to sponsor the event, with healthy and fresh cold pressed juices for an electrolyte reboot after an intense ride. 

Miss Fashionista

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