Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Standing Tall

Brunchin' on egg+corn tortilla with black beans, avocado and local goat cheese 

Ricotta + jam brioche toast (insert prayer emoji here) 

Colorful crispy blueberry french toast 

Brandy Melville top//Aeropostale jeans// Steve Madden boots/ Urban Outfitters fedora// Michael Kors watch//Chinchar/Maloney ring

Lately, all I can think about is moving out. For those of you that are also my age and reading this post, there is a large chance you'll agree. Now that I'm a senior, and a few months away from graduating high school (and turning 17, FINALLY) my mind is swarming with travel, college, opportunities, and getting my own place away from my hometown. Living with parents is great and all, though you get to a point where it's time to move out and do your own thing. I think I've been at that point for the past year. Who agrees with me here? 

On that note, I've been experimenting lately with new outfits. I was approached by designer Chinchar/Maloney to feature one of their handcrafted rings out of Brooklyn, NY, and I wasn't about to say no to this opportunity. After taking a look at their online website, my heart kinda melted. Simple yet stunning, I haven't seen any designer offer product like this in my years of being in the industry. Though the prices are a bit steep, custom rings aren't easy to come by these days, and this company manages to keep a steady clientele by offering just that. 

Happy Wednesday, and first day of school to those of you heading back today! What are you wearing? 

Miss Fashionista

Monday, August 25, 2014

Super Easy School Recipes with Price Chopper

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

When Price Chopper approached me about doing a back to school segment called #PriceChopperB2S (hosted by #CollectiveBias) for easy recipes on my blog, I couldn't resist. When I was attending public high school, lunch was one of the most anticipated times of the day. You could call lunch my favorite subject. During most of my high school life, I was predominantly vegan, and would make lunches like rice/quinoa, tofu, tempeh, or chickpea salad the night before to bring into school with me. If I could go back in my life and change one thing, it would be the decision to be vegan during high school, since that diet takes time to prepare all food, and isn't as easy as making a simple sandwich or grilling some chicken.

On the bright side, now that I am no longer vegan, I can help YOU guys find delicious, tasty and affordable food to bring to school with you. Price Chopper carries an extensive line of products worthy of any school lunch meal, and for the great prices, who can resist? Whether you're looking for vegetables, fruit, meat, or bread, Price Chopper has it ALL. My ingredients here are simple, since young adults aren't looking for 5 course gourmet meals in the limited lunch period. I have some Yoplait Greek Yogurt as well as Hillshire Lunchmeat, which has a new Naturals line as well (for you health nuts like me).

Check out the PC Back to School Pinterest Page and Twitter!

Don't forget to see the Back to School solutions centers throughout the store and enter your first day of school photo from 8/17 through 9/20 here. Vote on your favorites from 9/21-9/27. The 5 winners with the most votes and 5 random winners will each receive an iPad mini! 

Spread grass fed butter on 2 slices of whole wheat bread, layer with sliced turkey, basil pesto, goats cheese and cucumber. Slice and serve with yogurt/apple for a perfect meal! 

Miss Fashionista

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Guest Post: Rock that LBD

Greetings from the west coast! Sam here. I am currently on vacation in San Francisco with my family. This post is not about my vacation but rather about how much I miss the northeast – New York City specifically. I could go on for hours about why New York City is better than any city in the world but for the sake of time, I’ll shorten it down to only one reason. That one reason being - the color black. I’ve become so accustomed to the all-black New Yorker uniform and I L-O-V-E it. San Francisco is special in it’s own little ways, but if you ask me, way too bright. I’m not talking about the sun (that rarely ever comes out from behind the clouds) but I’m talking about the fashion. Black is timeless, black is chic, black is sophisticated, and San Francisco needs more black. And this is where the little black dress comes into play – the most essential fashion piece ever. First of all it’s black, second of all it’s a dress, and third of all IT’S BLACK. If I haven’t sold you on the LBD quite yet then I suggest you continue reading – once you find out how often a little black dress can be worn you’ll be running (no, sprinting) to your nearest retail store in search of one.

School: I always find myself getting ready for class and wanting to look cute but not wanting to try – can anyone else relate with me here? A little black dress comes in super handy at times like these and when paired with a cargo jacket and boots, an LBD becomes trendy but also comfy enough to sit through a boring three-hour math class.
*Bonus Tip* If you were up all night finishing that project you’ve put-off for the past three weeks, a beanie is the perfect way to cover up unwashed (and unmaintained) hair.

Formal Event: Faced with a formal event and nothing to wear? There’s no need to panic when you have an LBD on-hand! Grab that little black dress, pull your hair back, throw on a pair of heels, and finish off with a sparkly piece of jewelry. Then look around at all the other woman in the room and laugh at how hard they tried because your formal attire took no effort at all.
*Bonus Tip* Nude heels with a pointy toe give the illusion of mile-long legs.

Work/Office: Dressing for an office can be tricky – you have a dress code to follow but don’t want spend all hours of the morning getting ready. To all my corporate ladies, the little black dress was made for you. Opt for an LBD in a thicker fabric and more structured fit to avoid looking inappropriate. Then add a fitted blazer and your favorite pair of office heels and you are out the door with enough time to pick up coffee before your morning meeting – score!

*Bonus Tip* Office buildings have a tendency to get quite chilly, so bring a scarf with you to avoid freezing.

Shopping: My favorite past-time - wandering through stores for hours on end and spending too much money.   A day of shopping usually means a day spent in dressing rooms, so make changing easier with something that can easily be slipped on and off like a little black dress. Shopping also means quite a bit of walking, so pair your LBD with a comfy pair of booties and a flannel to avoid discomfort (or anything that might distract you from noticing the killer sale going on at Lord & Taylor right now).
*Bonus Tip* Bring a canvas tote with you to store your new purchases in as apposed to wasting plastic/paper bags.
The possibilities are endless with a Little Black Dress.

Friday, August 22, 2014

A Stop Along the Way: Miss Shirley's, Baltimore

If there was one food I could eat 24/7, it would be Southern food. Though Baltimore is not in the South (apparently) I enjoyed seeing my fair share of chicken and waffles on menus. I was in Baltimore for a little over 24 hours earlier this week for the Girl's Life fashion bash (more coming up next week on that) and had an incredible time. Baltimore is filled with interesting cuisine, a pretty laid back style, and a stunning inner harbor. I'd go back in a heartbeat! 

On Wednesday, a few hours before my flight, my friend and I ventured to Miss Shirley's to see what the hype is about. MS has 3 restaurants across Baltimore, and luckily for me, there was one only a few blocks away from my hotel, making the journey an easy hit. What originally attracted me to this joint is their large menu of gluten-free options, including pancakes and sandwiches. Miss Shirley's also has a wide range of very healthy options (they aren't all drowned in flour, butter, and chocolate!) making it a great spot for a morning meeting or coffee date with a friend. Since I'm only in Baltimore once…you could definitely say we decided to splurge. The restaurant is quite large, yet cozy and with a diner vibe. Prices are very reasonable, and I didn't get charged any extra for my gluten-free request. 

Appetizers range from monkey bread (a mix of butter, sugar, chocolate, and fried bread, pictured below), to true Southern cornbread, and crispy sweet potato fries. My best friend, Kailey, immediately had her eyes on the monkey bread, so that was our decision for the appetizer, though if I'm back in the future I will definitely be trying this cornbread! 

My first time trying monkey bread was definitely not a good idea. I can't stop thinking about it now! This bread feels like you're floating on a cloud. The banana was a sweet addition, but the chocolate drenched over it is warm and melts in your mouth, as you take a bite of the heavenly, butter filled bread. Everyone around us ordered this for the appetizer too, meaning Miss Shirley's knows what's up. 

Y'all KNOW my absolute adoration for pancakes, meaning I wasn't passing up any gluten-free pancakes in sight. All of the pancakes on the menu can be made gluten-free, and they have several flavors including a flavor of the month. I went for the cinnamon icing pancakes, which were some of the best gluten-free pancakes I've ever had. Moist, fluffy, and indulgent, and definitely not a sticky, gross gluten-free pancake some restaurants manage to bring out of the kitchen. Though I do wish the cinnamon bun concept had been carried throughout the pancakes (there was just icing on the top, but the pancakes underneath were simple buttermilk ones) I'm not complaining. You can put syrup and butter on these babies plain, and they'll still taste fantastic. 

Kailey ordered the coconut stuffed french toast, which she only managed to devour 3 bites of since she ate most of the monkey bread, it was THAT bangin'. I loved the french toast, mainly because not one bite of it tasted like french toast (I despise eggy tasting french toast- why not just cook up a few eggs if you're looking for that kind of breakfast?) The french toast was devoured in an uber sweet coconut cream stuffing, with caramelized bananas and fresh fruit all over. If you're at Miss Shirley's with a major sweet tooth, this is your candy land breakfast. Expect perfectly crisp bread with a fluffier inside. 

If you're in Baltimore, MD, don't forget to stop on over to  Miss Shirley's. You will NOT regret it. 

P.S. I'm working on a follow-up article to my last post on body image, keep an eye out! 

Miss Fashionista

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Neutrogena All Day Look at Target

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

I'm not a makeup person. I rarely wash my face, take my makeup off before bed, or pound on powder and eyeliner before a night out. For how poorly I treat my face, I do have surprisingly good skin (thank you, age) though I know my bad habits will likely catch up to me in the future. That's why I'm trying to be more careful in remembering to take my makeup off at night and cleaning my face before jumping into bed. Since I'm also 16, there isn't enough money in my budget to go splurging on Dior and Mac makeup every few weeks, which makes me resort to drugstore brands at Target and CVS to find my makeup. I headed to Target to find an #AllDayLook that is under $50 and will have me comfortable and confident in my makeup, thanks to #CollectiveBias.

Posing with my new Neutrogena lipgloss! I decided to purchase a simple powder, moisturizer, lipgloss, healthy skin liquid makeup and mascara as my items, because those are my go-tos for a work meeting or night on. In this case, I was opting for a simple "just woke up" look, using these Neutrogena cosmetics. 

Untitled #97

I specifically loved shopping for Neutrogena products at Target because of how easy they were to find. I didn't have to go running around aisles looking for this one stop: Target makes Neutrogena accessible at the earliest convenience. 

Target and Neutrogena have teamed up to bring a Target Beauty Concierge event at select Target stores around the country this month! Event begins August 24th.  Limited quantities available. Check with your local Target store for Beauty Concierge day and times.

For 20% off Neutrogena cosmetics at Target, click here!

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Seared scallops with a rice noodle salad and seared bok choy in Watch Hill, RI. 

In an ASOS jumpsuit, BB Dakota leather jacket, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Bucketfeet shoes, Obey hat, Cultures of Love bracelet 

Lately, the only topic on my mind is being a teenager. Surprising, right, considering I've  surpassed my teenage years and have ventured straight into adulthood (though I don't fully recommend that to all of you party lovin, boy crazy and fast metabolism enthused teens). Being a teenager represents staying out late, getting in tons of trouble for either a) staying out late b) stealing your parents car and then proceeding to stay out late c)staying out late and coming in to your parents sitting at the dining room table, with the "we know what you have been doing" look on their faces (something I've had plenty of experience with). Something else that comes along with being a teenager is finding yourself, which I've talked openly about in the past. 

I wasn't the girl with the group of popular friends (on the contrary, the group of popular girls hated me in high school….even a plate of brownies couldn't fix that) or a boyfriend, or 17 pairs of grey sweatpants in 17 shades of grey. It wasn't me, and never was me, and still isn't me. I couldn't relate to those girls because they all had something missing. What they didn't have is the skill to be different. Instead of mimicking everyone around you, a better idea is being the absolute strongest and best form of your beautiful self. We are all different, and all have different passions and inspirations. I have friends who will go on to community college in my small little town and be an incredible nurse or veterinarian, and I also have friends who will be on Forbes Highest Income Celebrity list likely by the age of 30. Everyone has a journey to get to be where they have to be, and if you're like me, you battle with finding a happy medium and the struggle of forcing yourself to believe in what you're doing. Envy is the lowest form of misery (thanks, mom) and will never allow you to reach your fullest potential.

That's the key to success: never compare yourself to someone else. You don't know what they've been through, or what they haven't been through and are about to go through, because we are all different humans, optimizing our greatest strengths and suppressing our strongest weaknesses. Love yourself for who you are, regardless of your height, weight, hair color, eye color, or math grade. You are the only person that can determine your present, your future, and your destiny.

P.S. Damn that was intense. Next week on Dr. Phil….LOL. I'm off to Baltimore on Monday, see y'all soooooon! 

Miss Fashionista

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Guest Post: Let's Talk Leopard

This past summer, I've met some incredible, inspiring people that I'm blessed to have worked with and whom I continue to be in touch with. One of them is Samantha, who I met while working at Susanna Galanis. Samantha is a powerful, shy yet outgoing (once you get to know her) and beautiful young girl from the inside and out. She's attending college in Boston, hopefully transferring to LIM in the big apple soon, with desires to be a writer in the fashion industry. I've taken her on as one of A Life in the Fashion Lane's newest team members, so get used to seeing this bright girl on my blog and on newsstands in the future! 

There’s something about leopard that I find myself attracted to. Let’s break it down – leopard print comes from the animal, a leopard, leopards are fast, fierce and powerful animals and I want to be a fast, fierce, and powerful woman. Ah, now it makes sense.

Givenchy, Gucci, and Tom Ford apparently feel the same way I do – we should all be wearing leopard. After all, a little leopard never hurt anyone? Well literally, yes, a leopard can be dangerous but leopard PRINT does no harm.
(From left to right) Givenchy, Gucci, Tom Ford

Sporting leopard print can be tricky so allow me to simplify things and offer a few suggestions.

Accessorize With Leopard: To avoid looking like one of the cheetah girls, incorporate leopard print into your wardrobe in small doses.

Stand Out With Leopard: Leopard print makes an incredible statement, no one’s going to want to mess with the girl who WEARS leopard (not just wears leopard, but WEARS leopard – there’s a difference). Don't just wear a trend, BE the trend- embrace it to its fullest capacity! You'll be turning into a leopard by the time you're done reading this...

Get Comfy With Leopard: Take any trend, add fur to it, and become oh-so-luxurious. What comes to mind when you think of a floor-length leopard print fur coat? For me, it’s an old wealthy woman who’s bold and not afraid to tell it like it is – fierce!

Or you can just buy yourself a leopard print Snuggie and start meowing at people like I did. The choice is yours.

In closing, allow me to get nostalgic really quick. When I was about 9 years old I had what I called my, “cheetah girls outfit.” This outfit was in fact head-to-toe leopard print. Laugh all you want, but I can honestly say that no other outfit I have ever worn made me feel as fierce as that skin-tight leopard print shirt and matching pair of spandex bell-bottom pants. Leopard print is a guaranteed way to feel empowered and if you don’t believe me, then I suggest trying it for yourself.

Ok, I think I’ve embarrassed myself enough for now – until next time! Check out my blog here, and check back next week for a new post from me!

Miss Fashionista
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