Thursday, September 18, 2014

Milane Noir//A NYFW Story

This season, we've witnessed several new fashion designers hitting the NYFW scene. So long to the concept that Lincoln Center is where everything is, and say hello to off-site shows, showroom meetings instead of runway viewings, and a lot less chaos. My team and I are quite excited to see how this newer designers make a splash this season at Fashion Week. 

I sent one of my contributors, Aly, out to preview this collection and do a write-up for me. Her thoughts are below. Follow her personal blog here

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photo cred to Shana Jade Photography

Milane Noir's S/S 2015 ready to wear collection is sentimental, inspired, colorful, and minimal chic.

The presentation was held up in a relatively bare studio with white walls, a DJ and bar; which is simple and elegant. The atmosphere was light and friendly, with everyone eager to see the designer's latest pieces for spring/summer 2015.

I got to talk with the designer herself after the presentation and she was one of the sweetest, most down to earth ladies I've ever met. She greeted me with a big smile and when I asked her what the inspiration for her line was, she smiled even bigger. Rarely do we see designers who are inviting to chat and say hello versus stone cold and only looking to chat business, so this was a pretty new change for me. 

The line was inspired by her mother. When she was little her mother would sing, "You are My Sunshine," to her. Milane Noir incorporates that idea of lightness and sun, whether it be through the colors or the fun, lively prints. Each piece, if worn outside while basking in the sunlight, would shine oh so brightly, it would be reminiscent of the sun itself.  Her mother, she said (while putting a piece of hair slightly behind her ear) is also very minimalist in the way she dresses, so most of the clothes were classic, basic pieces. I went crazy over the white crops, circle skirts, loose and airy fits and happy, sun-inspired shades of color. These are pieces I would wear on a picnic with my friends or boyfriend, or to school, where the entire schools eyes would be on me (in a good way). 

Just like the lovely Miss. Milane, the loft and the collection itself was full of positive energy.

Wonderful presentation, wonderful designer! Make sure to keep your eye on Milane style seekers.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Styled by Sam: Naeem Kahn

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Fashion that’s drool worthy. Naeem Kahn presented several dazzling look down the runway this season. To say the show “sparkled” would be an understatement, not only did Kahn create gorgeous pieces but he also brought in sequins and glittery textiles to create a line that was downright beautiful. One look in particular has me hoping I could re-do prom (purple silk skirt with the sequin bodice) and another has me awaiting an invite to a red carpet event (emerald green, silk, ¾ sleeve gown). Naeem Kahn even incorporated separates in his spring 2014 line (sequin harem pants and embellished sweaters) that brought the entire show together. So whether you like to shine or simply enjoy the sight of beautiful things, I highly suggest you take a peek at the Naeem Kahn collection. Before I end this, I must acknowledge the runway in which the show took place. A wall of white flowers only added to the beauty of the entire collection – well done Naeem Kahn, well done.



Monday, September 15, 2014

Veronica Beard: NYFW

Though I'm several years too young to drink, many NYFW presentations serve delicious and light signature cocktails, either using wine or champagne. I brought along one of my older friends to the show with me, and she absolutely adored the floral inspired cocktail (it was orange!) 

I'm astonished with the power of social media. People are dating through the internet. People are finding new pets and friends through the web. We are connecting with people we never expected to be able to speak with, all via the internet. I was originally introduced to Veronica Beard a few seasons ago, after getting invited to one of her first presentations. I then did some research on her *via the web* and got images and information on her entire life. This time around, the sexy presentation was held at the new Park Hyatt hotel, where guests sipped on champagne and awed at the flirty clothing on stand. I never had the chance to introduce myself to Veronica before, even though we have be in touch via social media, so this time when I spotted the designer, ran up and said hi. She was so sweet, and we chatted for a few minutes about her 60s inspired collection, along with how proud the fashion industry is of her!

I could wear every single one of VB's pieces, season after season. Whether you've got a more edgy personality, or a lighter and girly one, the collections prove to have something for everyone. This time around, we saw lots of blues, pinks, and lace, along with statement leather jackets and printed tops. What is more perfect to wear for a work to after-party occasion?

Congrats again, Veronica! We can't wait for next season (as usual!)


Miss. Fashionista

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Stop Along the Way: Tompkins Square Bagels

Pictured below: French toast bagel with birthday cake cream cheese (you can guess which bagel that one is) and a gluten-free smoked salmon bagel with the classic toppings 

Instagram is a place where foodies along with people that just enjoy looking at pictures of food (is that classified as a foodie?) come together and grow. I follow several food pages from many NYU bloggers, which seems more like pages by rich kids who eat all day and occasionally do school, but on the bright side, those kids give me inspiration for my next story. Upon surfing through posts of overpriced dumplings and sangria, I began to recognize a trend, including the birthday cake bagel. Now, I'm not exactly a bagel person. Don't get me wrong- I adore bagels. A simple toasted sesame seed bagel with egg and cheese was my basic childhood meal. I'd rather be eating pancakes or waffles, but on occasion, I crave the salty satisfaction that comes from biting into a perfectly crisp and melted bagel. 

I figured it was time for me to try this Lower East Side joint out on my own. Move out of the way rich kids of NYU, I'm comin' through. We ventured into this little neighborhood shop to get the scoop on the buzz about a bagel filled with sparkly cream cheese. 

After touring the factory with the sweetest owner and manager, I got to go down into the basement (not as sketchy as that seems, I promise) and see where each bagel is manufactured and produced. Tompkins hand rolls EVERY single one of their bagels, and each is created in that small little Lower East Side shop. I've never witnessed anything like that, even if I was a bagel fanatic I'd likely still say the same. Tompkins offers some unusual variations of bagels, including french toast bagels, blueberry cream cheese, tofu cream cheese, gluten-free bagels, and a cookie dough espresso cream cheese bagel, all of which make my tastebuds jump for joy.

The three of us stared at the menu for a good 10 minutes before deciding what we wanted to eat. We went with the french toast bagel with birthday cake cream cheese, and the gluten-free New York smoked salmon bagel. I was in awe of the french toast bagel, with the perfect amount of sugar crystallized over the top and a rich and colorful cream cheese filling,  it was the perfect eruption of sugary goodness in my mouth. With no resemblance of your over-egg-induced french toast, and bagels to satisfy your every craving, you've got a meal fit for 3 hungry girls. 

Visit Tompkins Square Bagels at 165 Avenue A, NYC. 


Miss. Fashionista

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A NYFW Break at Rouge

American Eagle dress and headband, Etienne Aigner sandals, Rebecca Minkoff bag

I've been in NYC enough to know the best places to get your nails done (Soho Nails has a $7 first time manicure + massage), hair done (Blo Blow Dry Bar is the best for blowouts) and almond milk latte (Kaffe 1668 in Tribeca changed my life). When I heard about Rouge NY, created by Stephanie March of SVU and her makeup artist, I knew I had to stop in. Blow dry bars have taken over the country, giving women all around the opportunity to run in for a blowout, whether it's for a wedding or just a fix up, and look brand new in less than an hour. Rouge is the first solely makeup bar in the city, where you pay a set price (there are 3 different makeup options) and go in for a major beauty update. This little boutique inspired stop in Soho is hidden on the street, and you'd have no idea what lies inside unless you walk in. A chic and vintage inspired studio, with comfy white chairs (yes, the ones in the movies) and lipstick plastered across the walls. I want my bedroom to look like Rouge. 

Angelina and I went in on a busy Sunday morning before a day of shows (and brunch) where we fell in love with this boutique studio. I chatted with my incredibly inspiring makeup artist, who was the sweetest thing EVER, and 45 minutes later we were on our way to an afternoon show looking like we just walked out of Vogue. Prices aren't bad either: $50 and you'll get a basic revamp, which is really all one needs. Rouge is booking up fast, so don't wait to get an appointment there. You won't regret it. 

Miss Fashionista

Monday, September 8, 2014

Academy of Art University S/S 15

Welcome my new contributor for New York Fashion Week, 17 year old Aly, who has a passion for writing and New York City. Follow her personal blog here

The Academy of Art University's show presented a diverse collection of work, from timeless to edgy, showcasing a variety of young designers. Pieces strutted down the runway with that oh-so modern look that we see a lot now; loose fits, wider sleeves on women, neutrals, clean cuts and little details, which made these pieces stand out as something different. The men's looks popped with bold fashion forward prints and colors on coats, button downs, and shorts.We'd love our boyfriends to wear these pieces. 

I fell in love with this show. The environment, the music, the looks; everything was on point. The lights went down, and suddenly, the drum beat on the stereo dropped. The first model walked showing a beige oversized dress with trousers and knit detailing. The next looks had similar styles but all played with a classic knit sweater stitch, one knit sweater went with short bell sleeves. Looks transitioned into black dresses with knee length vests, crop tops, mid-length skirts, headweaps, and light coats, which kept the audience on their toes. Each collection was versatile and wearable. 

The men's looks were all bold patterns and prints, one jacket was decked out in pictures of big cities while another coat had a variety of prints in patches all over the jacket.

Some of the prints on the men's looks went a little too close to the unwearable zone but some of it, while super bold, looked fun, young and, actually wearable. Fashion is about taking risks, which is what men looking to wear fashion-forward pieces like these will have to do. 

The show closed with all the young designers walking the runway, grinning and humble, to a great applause. Congrats, AA! 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Target x Altuzarra Launch Party

Posing with the amazing Samantha! 

In Etienne Aigner top/shorts/clutch/shoes and a Carolee necklace 

There is always one party, every season, that you die to get into. Whether it's due to the notable guests that are set to attend, or the Instagram posts that you know will be worth possibly sneaking into an event for. This year, I was officially invited as a blogger to the Target x Altuzarra launch party, which marked my first year being invited, and was quite a milestone step for my career! Held at a venue on the West Side Highway, everyone who is anyone in fashion ventures to the West Side for a night mingling among celebs, champagne, and clothing. 

Target is a go-to store for my age group, and I find myself venturing in there and unexpectedly spending hours browsing through their latest designer collaboration, or picking up some coconut milk ice cream in the freezer section. When I heard Altuzarra was the latest collection to hit the store, you could say I was just a bit excited. Known for being sexy yet sophisticated, Altuzarra impresses the industry season after season. Walking through the line at the event, and getting a glimpse at what is to come before the public does, made me realize how unimpressive this collection is. Instead of being drawn to classy fabrics and stunning patterns, items felt and looked cheap. Maybe it's due to my age not being the ideal clientele for a brand like Altuzarra, though I expected more from Target on pulling a line together that is versatile with age groups. I'd be pumped if my mom told me she was wearing something from a Target collaboration line, yet if my mom showed up in a piece of fabric from T x A, I'd be quite disappointed. 

Miss Fashionista

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