Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Brunch at Pure

I'm wearing all American Eagle 

Raw, vegan and gluten-free lasagna made with cashew cream ricotta and zucchini. A low-carb, healthy lunch option that is super filling! I'm a major fan of the creamy ricotta, which is insanely similar to your delicious creamy dairy cheese. 

Another low-carb and paleo option is the raw sushi made with jicama "rice" which is tasty, and a light beginning. 

One of my favorite NYC getaways, tucked away on Irving Place by Union Square, is Pure Food and Wine. I originally reviewed Pure months ago (see it here) and knew this was going to remain my go-to meeting + hideaway spot for forever. Pure invited me in again to review their brunch menu, and I couldn't help but excitedly make another reservation, and bring Angelina with me during our busy NYFW day. 

The thing about Pure is you could sit in their hidden patio for hours, sipping on freshly squeezed green juice (or mine which was made of beets and ginger) while taking a lazy Sunday afternoon and making it an adventure. I was actually sitting next to Sports Illustrated model Emily DiDonato, and we got chatting about our mutual love of raw vegan desserts at Pure Food and Wine. If a supermodel is eating coconut cream ice cream, you can too, right? Though Pure is slightly on the pricier side (dinner is the most expensive, with brunch offering more reasonable prices) if you're seriously looking to save money, get cheap pizza on the street and head to this joint for dessert. Ever since I tried to the mint sundae over a year and a half ago, you can catch me sneaking in late at night on a midnight craving to grab one of these and bring home. They do not disappoint.


Miss. Fashionista

Monday, September 29, 2014

Live from the Steps

Post-work tacos at Tacos No. 1 in Chelsea Market! Best tacos in the city! 

Seated behind Perez Hilton at The Blonds had to be one of my coolest NYFW moments. Besides the absolutely insane pieces that strutted down this runway (Barbie, anyone?) The Blonds knows how to remind us all what the heck fashion truly is: an expression of personality. 

Looking for The Blonds, but for cheaper? One of my latest craves is international designer Kali, who recently released their latest collection, right near the release of The Blonds S/S collection! Kali’s range is exclusively available at LastaShop, where you will find her unique takes on playsuits, kimonos, leggings and dresses. Born in Iceland, Svala “Kali” Bj√∂rgvinsd√≥ttir is a singer, songwriter, pop-star, and well-known as the front woman of the pop-band Steed Lord. Svala achieved stardom in 2000 with her international hit “The Real Me,” which attracted global interest, establishing Svala as an emerging talent in the worlds of pop and Electronica. In 2006 Svala formed the band Steed Lord, and became KALI—an on-stage alter-ego that enabled Svala to let loose her creativity through costuming, stylising and appearances.

Aeropostale denim, Jessica Simpson heels, H&M jacket, Susanna Galanis jewelry 

Looking back through old New York Fashion Week pics (as if FW occurred months ago, and it was only a few weeks) I stopped at these few. Not because this outfit was my favorite, or it was a particular fantastic day of shows, but because I've been having moments upon my time in NYC where I stop and capture one moment in the middle of this non-stop madness that is New York. The other day, it was Bryant Park yoga with one of my closest friends, where over 300 people flock to Bryant Park and remain calm and still for 1 hour, while the city hustles and bustles behind you. Even with masses of people behind me in these shots, running to shows or to grab a quick coffee, I was captured in complete stillness. Maybe that is super corny and random thought (likely) though looking at a moment of stillness helps bring you to complete harmony, regardless of where or what you're doing in that one moment. 

Also, this jacket is my new best friend. Don't worry though, don't expect to see it for a few weeks since it's under renovations thanks to a little makeup spill (insert crying cat emoji here).


Miss. Fashionista

Friday, September 26, 2014

A Stop Along the Way: Little Muenster

Each sandwich came with a pickle. I like pickles. I don't love pickles and ricotta, though Little Muenster tries to keep it as classic as possible. 

Pancetta grilled cheese on gluten-free bread.

 So, during New York Fashion Week, no one eats. People say they eat, but they only really drink and smoke cigarettes. I'm just trying to be an honest blogger here, people. Both of those are not healthy traits to have, especially when you're running around all day trying to get to meetings, and shows. And no, a reasonable excuse is not "but I'm too broke to buy food so I take the free champagne." On that note, since many people are too busy starving themselves, I'm too busy running around while also making sure (by making sure, I mean I'd miss a meeting to make lunch..) to make time as frequently as possible for food. And on some days, I eat double for the models that aren't eating that week! Fashion is a really fantastic field to work in.

On a more low-key Saturday morning, Angie and I ventured to Little Muenster
at Hudson Eats to try their life changing grilled cheese sandwiches. My mom used to make me grilled cheese sandwiches when I would come home from school, probably up until 7th grade (when I started asking for green juice instead because ew, grilled cheese!) so grilled cheeses have some sentiment attached for all of us. Little Muenster takes a childhood classic to the next level, by offering sandwiches (and a gluten-free bread option) like ricotta + fruit jam, and a side of maple syrup spicy brussels sprouts. In true Alexa fashion, I ordered just about every sandwich and side, and milkshake, because, every sandwich needs a milkshake, right?

My top choices: 

Get the classic grilled cheese. Not gluten-free bread. Full gluten, dairy, butter filled sandwich. Do it. 

No. 2 is the homemade blueberry jam, whipped ricotta and mascarpone ($9) changed my life. Prices are quite reasonable as well. Unless necessary, don't get this on gluten-free bread, but why would you anyway.

No.3 Avocado+ egg white breakfast toast, this goes perfect with gluten-free bread. It's light, fluffy, and has a decent amount of avocado smeared on top.


And there you have it. A Stop Along the Way at your mommas local grilled cheese shop, this one just offers a side of fancy brussels sprouts. 

Hudson Eats on Liberty Street and Brooklyn. 


Miss. Fashionista

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Styled by Sam: Dress Like a New Yorker

This past summer, I've met some incredible, inspiring people that I'm blessed to have worked with and whom I continue to be in touch with. One of them is Samantha, who I met while working at Susanna Galanis. Samantha is a powerful, shy yet outgoing (once you get to know her) and beautiful young girl from the inside and out. She's attending college in Boston, hopefully transferring to LIM in the big apple soon, with desires to be a writer in the fashion industry. I've taken her on as one of A Life in the Fashion Lane's newest team members, so get used to seeing this bright girl on my blog and on newsstands in the future! 

With New York Fashion Week in full swing (correction, this post was supposed to go up mid-fashion week madness, sorry Sam), I figured since most of us aren’t lucky enough to attend we might as well dress as if we were. I’ve spent my fair share of time in New York City throughout the years and know that place up, down, front, back, and sideways. This summer specifically, I have totally embraced the NYC style and attitude – dress like you’re depressed and act like you’re the s***. Some may say it takes ten years of living in the city before you classify as an official “New Yorker”, but dress like this and it’ll only take one day:

Wear All Black

New Yorkers stray away from color, so as much as you might enjoy the idea of hot pink and neon green, avoid wearing anything that doesn’t look like you’re headed for a funeral. A bonus I found to wearing black everyday was a tremendous amount of time saved in the morning when I didn’t have to bother with matching colors, because black always matches black. Pink does not always match black, but black always matches black. And if you happen to look like a ninja, just roll with it.

Macintosh HD:Users:SamanthaGuarnieri:Desktop:Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 8.58.35 PM.png

Chicnova jumpsuit, Zappos hat, Nasty Gal boot, Black clutch, Chicnova jacket


New York City is home to a number of celebrities whom efforts to fly under the radar have rubbed off on all other residents. New Yorkers think they’re special and their huge egos must be covered with big bug-eye sunglasses and floppy hats (and the odd ski mask). The perk to covering up is that you are also protecting yourself from the sun. Do you want to look 50 years old when you’re 30? Well then wear your sunscreen, sunglasses, and wide-brimmed hats at all times, summer or winter. For an extra New Yorker touch, keep your sunglasses on even while you’re inside – your beautiful face is too precious to be seen by the sun and the public. Or the dude playing music in the subway station.

Macintosh HD:Users:SamanthaGuarnieri:Desktop:Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 8.58.15 PM.png

Zappos hat, Dee Berkley necklace, Karen Walker sunglasses , Bare Escentuals lipstick

Layer Love

For a city that’s home to some of the skinniest people I’ve seen, New Yorkers have a tendency to hide their frail frames with mounds of clothing – black clothing to be specific. You will most likely appear as a giant black moving blob, but I assure you that so do many New Yorkers walking down the sidewalk. In their defense, the winter months do reach freezing temperatures which calls for layers upon layers of dark clothing (yes, you have an excuse to look like a monster!) What I advise you take from this is to purchase clothes in your proper size but reach for basics like jeans, t-shirts, jackets, and scarves that can be easily layered for a dimensional New Yorker look.

Macintosh HD:Users:SamanthaGuarnieri:Desktop:Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 8.57.50 PM.png

Brian Lichtenberg beanieNasty Gal boot, Express pant, Phonx Says jacket

I’ll be moving back to Boston, MA in just a few days and will dearly miss my city, BUT moving up north will not change how I dress. I’ve developed a style this summer that represents me – the style of a New Yorker (mine is just a little less funeral and a little more 5th Avenue gal). I’ll be back NYC, you just wait!



Sunday, September 21, 2014

Girl's Life Bash

I'm in a  dress from Francesca's, Sole Society necklace, and hair by Haute Blow Dry Bar in Baltimore 

Girl's Life gave my best friend and I front row seats, and a super rad goodie bag filled with a book and cosmetics! 

Thanks to Execucar for transporting me to and from the airport!

After the bash, we took our heels off and went for a delicious dinner and dessert on the water. 

Almond and hazelnut gelato at one of Baltimore's famous Italian mom and pop shops!

I traveled to Baltimore in August for the Girl's Life Magazine Fashion Bash, and am just now getting around to post coverage from it. I treated my friend for her birthday and flew her to Baltimore with me to celebrate a little bit before she (and I) went back to school. This was my first trip to Baltimore, and was pleasantly surprised at how cool Baltimore is. The inner harbor is filled with some of the higher end restaurants and shops, while there are a few other streets more unknown but "homier." For 3 hours, girls from all across Baltimore came to a huge venue to watch a live runway show, get makeup and hair done, and hang with singers and celebs, like The Vamps and Bea Miller. One of the more memorable part of my 18 hours in Baltimore was the fashion show Girl's Life put on at the end of the event, where I got to sit front row and preview this seasons latest trends from some huge names. 

This season, expect to mix and match patterns and colors, throw on a pair of wedge sneakers with a tennis skirt, and embrace a new you for a new school year. There is always a time and place to reinvent a new you.

P.S. Keep your eyes out for some major renovations coming to A Life in the Fashion Lane soon!


Miss. Fashionista 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Little Brunch

Brunch has got to be one of my ultimate New York favorite trends. Part of the excitement is dressing up and getting glam. I'm a huge fan of wearing perfume by Chanel (one of my favorites!) and lipstick by Nars. What excites you about going out on the weekend- fashion or beauty wise?

Etienne Aigner shorts, BB Dakota leather jacket, Andrea Bocchio necklace, Obey hat

There are some people in this world who you don't come across very frequently. Whether it be a family member you're unspeakably close to, or a friend you met in middle school and have been inseparable with ever since, those are the people that will be with you through thick and thin. Blogging has enabled me to meet confidence, independent, and utterly successful people, close to my age, in various parts of the world, for which I'm forever grateful. One of them is Becky. She's stronger than me, older than me, and a hell of a lot better with guys than I will likely ever be. In the midst of NYFW, we managed to escape for some of the best and fluffiest banana bread of our lives (with ricotta/honey smeared on top) along with a hearty piece of rustic bread with avocado and egg. Surround yourself with people that life you up, and sometimes give you the reality that you need to be reminded of. Even when nothing is going perfectly right, people will be there to lift you up or down, you're just the one that gets to decide who does what. 


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